Meet The Chef

Growing up in the kitchen with my mom was a usual day for me. She made fresh meals everyday and I would be her “assistant” while she taught me everything she knew...and she knew A LOT!

I think thats where my passion of food started because, to me, watching my mom use spices really allowed my creativity and passion for cooking to flourish. Whether it was rolling out mini breakfast rotis with her in the kitchen or in the yard playing with dirt and stealing her spices to “cook” - Yes, I have indeed tasted dirt…with just a twist of me, you're not missing anything delicious. I can still hear my mom yelling at me for wasting her spices.

In 2017, with my passion for cooking and especially my interest in spices, I moved to California to start a spice blend company. I quickly found myself helping busy families who needed a personal chef to help them cook healthy meals for their family during the week. 

It was there that I really found out what I can do with my cooking abilities. I was blessed to have families who liked to try new things and gave me "carte blanche" to flex my cooking muscles. I would write menus for them weekly to see what items caught their eye. It was during this practice where Modern Tradish was officially born.

Back in New York, I decided to start ModernTradish with the support of the families I previously cooked for. I figured why not cook for anyone who wants to eat healthy but doesn't have the time or know where to start - they just want to feed their bodies and feel good about it.

2 years later, and here we are expanding more than just our edible creations. We are launching a line of lifestyle products that are not only enjoyable for you, but helping others along the way!


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