Our Philosophy

Modern Tradish 

To create an international Community of health and wellness. 
For Food 
The way we eat is in our very nature what makes us human and our mission is to create excitement and celebration when you are setting the table. It might not be the way your ancestors did it but it was prepared with them in mind. Health and flavor should never be a compromise and with new menus every week you don't have to make that choice.
For Apparel 
Initially I started with apparel because food and fashion are the two things I love but with everything going on with the world I needed an easier way to give back which is why I started the gym wear line, this is only the beginning for what we will be doing for our lifestyle brand.
10 percent of proceeds go to helping impoverished children, education and so much more as we grow we want the community to grow with us. 
I named it Jhan as a collaboration with my last name Khan and the bengali word Jan. Jan in bengali means life.
 It is a term of endearment to the people that mean most to you. it is everything that is love, everything that is passion, everything that makes life worth living. 
My vision is to create an experience with anything that you are doing to better yourself. whether it starts with eating and exercise or just working on self care. Taking time out of the day to appreciate and love yourself is crucial in the fast paced world we live in that mostly tells us otherwise.

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